November 15th, 1976   3M - Auckland, New Zealand
  November 15th, 1977   3M - St Paul, Minnesota, USA
  May 5th, 1978   B Com Auckland University, New Zealand
  May 24th, 1980   M B A - St Paul, Minnesota, USA
  January 15th, 1982   3M - San Antonio, Texas, USA
  July 20th, 1983   3M - St Paul, Minnesota, USA
  July 17th, 1984   Better Business Services Inc.
  April 9th, 1985   Enrolled Agent, I. R. S.
  August 5th, 1985   Certified Public Accountant, USA (MN)
  June 17th, 1986   Notary Public, Texas, USA
  March 26th, 1987   Carr Business Services Inc.
  September 27th, 1989   Certified Fraud Examiner, USA
  January 2nd, 1992   Certified Tax Practitioner, USA
  March 3rd, 1996   Director, New Zealand Petroleum Co NZ
  December 20th, 1996   Certified Valuation Analyst, USA
  February 14th, 1997   Share broker, New Zealand
  July 20th, 1998   HD Vest, Registered Investment Advisor
  December 22nd, 1999   Director, Spectrum Resources Ltd.
  March 31st, 2000   Chairman, MoneyOnLine Ltd.
  August 10th, 2000   Student, Single Engine Pilot
  August 11th, 2000   Certified Fund Specialist, USA
  December 27th, 2000   Purchased
  January, 2001   Published “Wealth Creation”
  November 3rd, 2001   Certified Oracle Consultant
  February 16th, 2002   New Zealand Institute of Directors
  March 7th, 2002   Certified QuickBooks Consultant
  October 11th, 2002   Single engine Private Pilot
  October 23rd, 2002   Certified Business Manager
  April 8th, 2003   Orlando Police Department Citizen Police Academy
  March 30th, 2003   ATF Class III Federal Fire Arms License holder
  July 1st, 2003   Pex Publications Merge with Quentin Cameron Oil and Gas
  August 2003   Investment in Otago’s All Purpose Finance Ltd.
  October 28th, 2003   Purchase of Coronet Hotels Ltd.
  November 22nd, 2003   Certified Financial Planner
  May 28th, 2004   Sale of MoneyOnLine to Dorchester
  April 1st, 2005   Purchase of Easybooks Ltd (NZ)
  April 29th, 2005   Purchase of Kinetiq and Demand Response Ltd.
  August 18th, 2005   Fellow of the Institute of Directors
  April 1st, 2006   Purchase of Brass Magazine NZ Ltd.